Wednesday, 12 March 2008

28 When you are in emergency

No one wishes to be in emergency, neither do you. But if you are in such a situation, you should ask for help, whom you should ask depending on the kind of the emergency. And what if this happens when you are in Indonesia? The following terms and expressions might be of importance when you are in emergency.

Please call the police! Tolong panggil polisi!
Please call a doctor/an ambulance, quickly! Tolong panggil dokter/ambulans, cepat!
Help! Tolong!
Beware of pickpocket! Hati-hati banyak pencuri!
There has been an accident! Ada kecelakaan!
Fire! Kebakaran!
He's/she's bleeding (heavily). Dia berdarah.
He's/she's (seriously) injured. Dia luka parah.
I can't move my (hand, arm, foot, leg, neck). It hurts. Saya tidak bisa menggerakkan (tangan, lengan, kaki, telapak kaki, leher) saya. Sakit.

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Yopo said...

Hey, I found your site through a comment you left in a podcastalley site, and I think your site is also interesting for learning Indonesian. I like that you explain some good phrases and give some complementary vocabulary that I didn't know. Thanks! I hope when you have time, maybe you can keep posting some information! Great work :D

IKAWULAN said...

Hello, yopo
thanks a lot for your nice comment. How do you find about my blog? I you find it difficult to follow send me your questions, I will happily try answering them! Please read all my blog from the beginning and you'll find how easy Indonesian language is: no complicated tenses, all you have to learn is how to pronounce the words. If you ever learn German language, that is exactly how you have to spell. That easy!


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Ash said...

I guess I'm pretty late to finding your site, but I'm a year 10 student in Australia studying Indonesian, even though this is my 3rd year studying (I didn't take it last year, but I should've) at school, but I'm still really basic, because we haven't moved along too well, since about April, I've taken it into my own hands and I think I'm moving along a bit better.

I read you know Indonesian as a first language, and English as a second, but if you could email me at and give me some tips on Indonesian, that'd be really, really appreciated.


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It would also help if they learn Indonesian before they even head over to the country. Even basic phrases such as mentioned above.

This would help people, especially tourists that are a bit in trouble.

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