Tuesday, 4 March 2008

27 Is this site of any help?

Dear readers,

Is this blog of any use to you? If it is, please feel free to bookmark it and feed it if necessary. If it is the first time you visit my blog, please refer to my previous blogs (see Blog Archives), start from the beginning! And to make your study complete, 
feel free to visit www.learningindonesian.com. It won't harm you any penny!

I hope you'll enjoy my service, but if you think this site needs some improvement I am very happy to hear it from you!




Sas Jacobs said...

Hello, I think the site is amazing and very helpful in my journey to learn Indonesian!

Anonymous said...

I just found this site and I agree, it made so many things clear for me. Yes I know learningindonesian.com but this site is at least as useful.
I see you don't continue...? :(

pujiedriany said...

hi, i really like this site. i'm really respect with your work. but why you stop that? i'm also indonesian native speaker. i'm also hope i can help foreign people to learn our language but my english is terrible, to make a blog like what you do.
so i just want to tell all of the foreign people who need help to learn Bahasa indonesia. let me help you.
just contact me in edrianypuji@hotmail.com and i will try to do my best to help you. hehehe...

indonesianlearn said...

Yes, definitely. Your blog is of great help to those that want to learn Indonesian for their vacation to the country.

how to learn Indonesian language said...

Yes, this blog is definitely helpful to those who want to learn Indonesian.

Tri Sukma Retnoningrum said...

Learning Indonesian can be somewhat complicated because there are several vocabularies which may not be available in English in which new learners should adjust when they speak Indonesian. There are actually various helpful media for learning Indonesia like those which are available at :http://www.ascotbooks.com.au/learn-to-speak-indonesian/index.php

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this site. It is quite useful!