Monday, 28 January 2008

Dear readers,

How are today? In my latest post I introduced myself to you and invited you all to participate in writing down your opinions. I haven’t got any responds so far, and I thought this because I did not introduce myself clearly and thoroughly. So, today I will try again to say about myself, and then will continue with other issue that will perhaps interest you.

I am an Indonesian, live in a suburb area of the capital city, Jakarta. I can speak English, read and write English words. While I still invite you to take part or respond to my writings, I have an idea that explaining or teaching of Indonesian language will probably urge you to talk to me. Therefore, in my next posts I will dedicate most of my time to give you Indonesian language lessons for free!

Where should I start from? Well, I think the best to start is from the alphabet. If you happen to learn German language, or if you are from German speaking countries, then you are lucky because Indonesian alphabets are similar to that of German language. There are some exceptions, though, but these will not create a problem. For example, V/v is pronounced in German as ‘vow’, while it is ‘vei’ (sounds like vacant) in Indonesian. In Indonesian there is no such a letter as β, which is equivalent with double s in German language. Here are the complete alphabets and how to pronounce them.

Letter     is pronounced
A/a          a as in father
B/            b bay
C/c          chei as in chase
D/d          day
E/e          ei as in alien
F/f           ef
G/g          gay
H/h         ha as in hard
I/i           as in it
J/j           jay
K/k         kay
L/l          el as in elbow
M/m      em as in emery
N/n        en as in enter
O/o        o as in oil
P/p        pe as in pen
Q/q       ki as in quay
R/r        er as in error
S/s        es as in essence
T/t        tei as in taken
U/u       u as in put
V/v       ve as in vacant
W/w     we as in weigh
X/x       ex as in axe
Y/y       ye as in yes
Z/z        zet as in zero

That is enough for the moment. You will refer to these in the future, so I advise you to save them in your computer.



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