Thursday, 31 January 2008

Some important phrases

Sometimes, memorizing phrases may accelerate your process of learning a language. Let us learn some Indonesian phrases, and try memorizing them. For the moment, I will introduce you to simple phrases related to question words. You can get longer and more complex phrases, later.

Here are some simple ones:

Apa kabar? How are you?
Apa lagi? What else?
Tidak apa-apa! No problem!/ It’s OK!
Di mana-mana. Anywhere
Barangsiapa Whoever
Di mana saja Wherever
Kapan saja Whenever
Siapa saja Whoever
Apa boleh buat? What is to be done?
Ada apa? What’s up?/What’s going on?
Bagaimanapun However
Kapan-kapan Any time

(Sometimes, the word saja is replaced by pun, so that “Di mana saja”, “Kapan saja”, and “Siapa saja” become “Di mana pun”, “Kapan pun”, and “Siapa pun”, respectively.)
Please try analyzing, discerning, digesting and then memorizing them!
(Do you still find it difficult to pronounce the words in the above phrases? Then you should go to the previous posts).



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