Friday, 8 February 2008

(15) Prepositions(1)

I think I have by chance put some preposition in my previous posts. You may check my previous posts if I am right. Here are some prepositions which you will have to learn since they are the most encountered.

di = in, on, at (showing location or position)
ke = to (showing direction)
kepada = to (especially) a person(s)
pada = on, in, at (about time)
dari = from (showing the origin),
dari = of (showing the part of something)


Ia punya rumah di London.   He/she has a house in London.

Saya lihat anda di TV.   I saw you on TV.

Saya simpan buku itu di rumah.     I put the book at home

Mau pergi ke mana pak Joko?   Where is Mr Joko going to?

Dia mau (pergi) ke toko.    He is going to the shop

Kepada siapa anda bertanya?    To whom are you asking?

(Sometimes, kepada should be put while there is no preposition needed in English at all:
Anda harus bertanya kepada ahlinya.  You should ask the expert.)

Pertemuan pada tanggal 15 bulan depan dibatalkan
The meeting on the 15 (of the next month) is cancelled.

Bayi itu lahir pada (tahun) 1980.   
The baby was born in 1980.

Sidang akan dimulai pada jam delapan pagi.
The session will be started at eight in the morning.

Maria berasal dari keluarga sederhana.
Maria comes from a simple family

Sebagian dari uangnya akan disumbangkan.
Parts of the money will be donated.

More prepositions will follow. Read carefully, learn thoroughly, and memorize the above prepositions.
If possible, practice them with some Indonesian friends, or listen to Indonesian broadcastings or TV.

See you in the next postings,


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