Monday, 25 February 2008

(24) Some more expressions

Here are some more expressions or phrases that may be useful when you are in Indonesia.

A taxi is usually caught at a rank outside the airport (after you pass the passport control, claiming your baggage, and go out). You can also phone for a taxi wherever you are; numbers are listed in the yellow pages or you can see on the billboard around. You can pay the taxi either based on the meters or on the agreement. If you are not sure about the distance, taxis with meters are recommended.

Where can I get a taxi? Di mana saya bisa dapat taksi?
Please get me a taxi. Tolong panggilkan saya taksi.
What’s the fare to …? Berapa ongkosnya ke …?
How far is it to …? Berapa jauhnya ke …?
Take me to … Tolong, antar saya ke …
this address   alamat ini
the airport   bandara
the railway station   stasiun kereta
the town centre   pusat kota
the … Hotel          Hotel …

Turn left/right at the next    Tolong, belok kiri/kanan
at the next corner                   di pojokan setelah ini.

Go straight ahead.   Lurus saja.
Please stop here.   Tolong berhenti di sini

I’m in a hurry.   Saya lagi (ter)buru-buru.
Could you drive more   Bisa tolong lebih pelan/cepat?
Could you help me carry   Bisa minta tolong bawakan
my luggage?                        koper saya?

Will you wait for me, please?    Bisa tunggu saya?
I’ll be back in …    Saya kembali …
10 minutes     10 (sepuluh) menit lagi.
5 minutes        5 (lima) menit lagi.

When you reach the destination, the meter on the front panel will show you how much you have to pay (in rupiah, the Indonesian currency). Just give the amount of money it shows, but if you give the taxi driver a service tip, it will very be appreciated. Often, it is impossible to pay the fare exactly as shown by the meter. For example, if the meter shows 121150, you should pay 125000 rupiahs, as coins worth of 150 are difficult to get. Basically, 150 rupiahs pay only a candy, and 5000 rupiahs is worth of about US 50 cents. The rule of the thumb is to pay after rounding up the meter read to about 5000 rupiahs.

That would be enough for the moment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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