Tuesday, 12 February 2008

(17) Prepositions(2)

Here are some more prepositions. But please remember: you have to read posting (15) first before learning this #(17) posting.

Indonesian words used to mean the preposition about are many, but the main words are: tentang, sekitar, and mengenai. To make it clear, here are some sentences involving these words.

He knows much about cars.
Ia tahu banyak tentang mobil, or
Ia tahu banyak mengenai mobil.

They will come back at about 10 o'clock.
Mereka akan kembali sekitar jam 10.

I am worried about your health.
Saya kuatir
dengan kesehatanmu.

As you see, you may use tentang or mengenai if you talk about somethings (nouns, facts, information, etc.). But if you talk about time, then use sekitar. Sometimes, about may mean dengan (the basic meaning of which is with), as you see in the last sentence.

Useful information about tentangmengenai, and sekitar. First, the root of these words are:

tentang -  tentang (tentang is the root) = about
mengenai - kena = be hit or to hit
sekitar - kitar = to circle

Second, we can add prefix, suffix, or insertion to these words and resulted in verbs, nouns and other prepositions. But, further about these prefix, suffix, or insertion will come later.

That's will be enough for the moment.



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