Monday, 18 February 2008

(21) Some more daily expressions

When you come to Indonesia, you must certainly pass the passport control in the Sukarno-Hatta (or Cengkareng) International Airport. You do not need to worry about the language here because the officers speak English. After you pass the control, then you may have to be in contact with some Indonesian people, either the taxi drivers, or baggage porters, hotel receptionists, the one in charge of picking you up, etc. On many occasions, you do not need to worry about the language they use. They are very helpful and ready to help you, even though they use broken English. Now, if you can speak some Indonesian expressions, then you will be surprised how they respond to you with enthusiasm. Here are some expressions you will need in such situations. Memorize and practice them with your partners. (Memorizing some useful expression is one of ways in mastering a language).

I’ll be staying … Saya akan tinggal …

a few days beberapa hari
a week seminggu
a month sebulan

I’m here on holiday. Saya ke sini untuk liburan.
I’m here on business. Saya ke sini untuk bisnis.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Maaf, saya tidak mengerti.

Porter, take this luggage Pak, tolong bawa ini (while pointing to the luggage)
That’s may suitcase. Itu tas saya.

Please take this to… Tolong bawa ini ke …
bus/taxi   bus/taksi

How much is that? Berapa (ongkosnya)?

Where’s the nearest currency exchange office? Di mana tempat tukar uang terdekat?

I want to change some dollars/pounds. Saya ingin tukar beberapa dollar/poundsterling.

Can you change this into …? Bisa tukar ini ke …?

Indonesian rupiahs rupiah
German marks mark Jerman
Japanese yens yen Jepang
Singaporean dollars dollar Singapur

What’s the exchange rate? Berapa nilai tukarnya?

Where is the …? Di mana …?
car hire tempat sewa mobil
restaurant restoran
newsstand kios koran

How do I get to Bandung? Bagaimana caranya ke Bandung?
How do I get to ….Hotel? Bagaimana caranya ke Hotel …?

Is there a bus into town? Apakah ada bus ke kota?

Where can I get a taxi? Di mana saya bisa dapat taksi?

Until next lessons, good luck!


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