Monday, 11 February 2008

(16)Refresh your intention!

Dear readers,

Please remember that this site is a free one in that you can learn Indonesian (language, culture, habits, etc.) for free without any charges or obligations. Do not be bothered by those ads displayed here (but only in case you need more information other than I have provided in the lesson). All I need of you is that you concentrate on your lesson each time you read a posting of mine. Only this way you can master Indonesian language. If you are new to this site, then just go to my previous postings, start from there, master the lessons therein, and then proceed until you can go along with my recent postings.

The lessons I provided here have been arranged so that they will constitute a full course of Indonesian language. So that if you follow them thoroughly from the beginning till the end, you will certainly be able to read, write, and speak of Indonesian language, from simple expressions up to very complex ones! You do not believe it? How can you deny it if you never try?



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