Sunday, 3 February 2008

Pronouns (2)

Let me now continue our lesson with pronouns as the objects of verbs/actions.

B) Personal pronoun as an object (after verb or preposition)

me = saya/aku (aku is informal)

us = kami (used when excluding the person addressed)

us = kita (used when including the person addressed)

you (singular) = anda/saudara/kamu/kau (kamu and kau are informal)

you (plural) = kalian or anda/saudara/kamu/kau + sekalian

him = ia/dia/beliau

her = ia/dia/beliau

it = nya/ia/dia/ini/itu (in this case, nya/ia/dia/ini/itu is used depending on the context, see examples below)

them = mereka


1) Beri saya alamat anda Give me your address

2) Ia mengundang kami He/She invited us

3) Mereka mengharapkan kita datang They expect us to come

4) Saya menjemput anda di bandara I picked you up at the airport

5) Beliau mengusir kalian karena tidak sopan

He/She dismissed you (all) because you were impolite.

6) Saya mengagumi dia I admire him/her

7) Kami mencarinya We looked for it/him/her

8) Polisi mengejar mereka The police chased them.

In example 7) we may also translate We looked for it into Kami mencari (barang) ini/itu (where barang may be omitted if the object is understood).

Dear readers, we have gone so far so that I wonder if the present lesson is too difficult. Before we go to next lessons, I suggest you analyze, discern, digest, and memorize the previous lessons first. It’s better to go slowly but you get them all. In addition, you can always return to the last lessons again and again. Therefore, do not forget to save the lessons in your computer for your references.



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